Passive house certified glass | Vacuum Glass

Passive house certified glass | Vacuum Glass

Super energy saving through unparalleled technology

  • | The Pilot Award in the Component Awards 2018 selected by Passive House Institute
  • | The world's first company certified by Passive House Institute in the vacuum glass area
  • | An ideal option for ceilings and other parts of residential houses where a certain amount of ventilation and lighting are required
  • U-value
    0.06 (Cardinal E366/i89 6mm)
    Max. panel size (W x H)
    91” x 94”
    Min. panel size (W x H)
    24” x 24”
    Max. weight
    456 lb
    Max. glass thickness



    World's highest insulated glass accredited by German institute
    Eagon Super Vacuum Glass was developed through a variety of accumulated technologies. It is a next generation kind of glass that effectively blocks the transmission of heat and sound with a vacuum layer between two sheets of glass. The 27.3 mm glass realizes outstanding insulation yields 0.06 and acoustic performance. The vacuum layer in the glass prevents more than 50% of noise from passing through and enables superior thermal performance that is four times better than that of Low-E coating insulating glass.


    Thin Structure
    Considerably reducing the costs for components, storage and logistic operations.
    In comparison with triple-pane insulated glass, Super vacuum has only a quarter of its thickness and weighs at least 7.7lb less per square feet while managing a better U-value.

    10.3mm : The thickness of Super vacuum is only 10.3 mm.
    7.7lb/ft² : Super vacuum weighs at least 7.7lb less per square feet than insulated glass while managing a better U-value.



    Subsidiary materials
    Surface stress and granularity meet tempered glass standards and passed several key safety tests including wind resistance test and impact test.

    Each piece of 10.3 mm thick Super Vacuum can withstand the pressure of a 1.7 m tall sand column, equivalent to 1 m2 of Super Vacuum having 20 adults with an average body weight of 70 kg standing on the surface.

    By adopting low temperature sealing technology, Super Vacuum completely retains the high strength, impact resistance, and other safety attributes of tempered glass. In case the glass breaks, it shatters into small and less harmful honeycomb shaped particles.



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