Window wall- Slim

Window wall- Slim

Thermally enhanced slim window wall

  • | Unlimited slim configurations for various architectural demand
  • | The perfect solution for large opening areas requiring slim design
  • | Engineered for highest energy requirements and structural performance
  • U-value
    0.24 (Cardinal E366/i89 6mm)
    Max. panel size (W x H)
    Determined by site wind load” x ”
    Min. panel size (W x H)
    26” x 26”
    Max. weight
    770 lb
    Max. glass thickness
    Unlimited configurations - Prior consultation is required with Eagon


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    High energy efficiency and structural performance
    EWW150 boasts excellent insulation performance even with its unrivaled slim design. Also, its outstanding structural performance allows it to be the perfect solution for windows that require a large opening area. High level of air and water tightness can be easily attained with simple and convenient assembly and construction at site.

    Thanks to its smart engineered connectors, EWW150 can fulfill a wide range of architectural design configurations.


    Systemized solution for unlimited architectural design
    EWW 150 is the ultimate solution for any architectural dream. Its slim frame, smart connectors and unlimited configuration options will allow the architect to free their imagination. Moreover, it is compatible with all types of Eagon's operable elements such as sliding doors, swing doors, casements, and awnings.

    A more modern and slim aesthetic design can be achieved by applying the external jamb extension option.



    • (SOLID) Super White

    • (SOLID) Bone White

    • (SOLID) Atrium White

    • (SOLID) Classic White

    • (SOLID) Eagon White

    • (SOLID) Light Grey

    • (SOLID) Miller Grey

    • (SOLID) #3000 Grey

    • (SOLID) Seawolf

    • (SOLID) UCLA Grey

    • (SOLID) Silent Grey

    • (SOLID) Polaris Grey

    • (SOLID) Cashew

    • (SOLID) Palm Green

    • (SOLID) Rustic Brown

    • (SOLID) Tower Brown

    • (SOLID) Charcoal

    • (SOLID) Classic Bronze

    • (SOLID) Black

    • (METALLIC) Silver Blade

    • (METALLIC) Natural Silver

    • (METALLIC) Crystal Silver

    • (METALLIC) Bright Silver

    • (METALLIC) Brilliant Silver

    • (METALLIC) Silver Chain

    • (METALLIC) M,Steel Grey

    • (METALLIC) Titan Silver

    • (METALLIC) Metro Bronze

    • (METALLIC) M,Nightfall

    • (METALLIC) Metallic Charcoal

    • (METALLIC) Sage

    Subsidiary materials

    Available inset-vent options: Awning, Hopper, Casement, TT, Swing/Sliding doors.

    Easy on-site frame assembly while panels available fully-assembled.

    Cost competitiveness compared to competitors.


    Simulated Divided lite 

    Three different shapes of SDL options available to meet the desgin intent of Architect



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